Bad breath can sometimes be very embarrassing in public. It lowers your confidence and makes feel weird among people. A person having a bad breathe will have lower chances of interaction and most people will stigmatize him away when they realize.

It’s something no one wants to be associated to. Everything happens for a reason and always has a cause. Doctors found out the main cause of bad breath that most people haven’t known. Here they are.

The number one cause of bad breathe is not brushing of the tongue. The tongue is the main deposit area for food particle. Most people don’t actually brush their tongue, all they do is brush the teeth and declare their mouth clean. You need to clean your tongue too.

Avoid dry mouth. When the mouth grows dry, you have higher chances of having bad breathe. Avoid sugary foods or soft drinks. They will facilitate the drying and result to bad breathe. Take plenty of water and use sugarless candy. You can as well chew bubble gum. It will help your mouth stay moist and clean.

Another problem we Africans have is using a toothbrush for more than 4 months. This could be a leading cause of bad breathe. Change your toothbrush regularly and ensure you choose a soft bristled one. A good toothbrush will keep you away from bad breath.

Ignorance should also not make you fail to see a dentist. Even when having a perfect dental formula, never fail to see a doctor. He will help you maintain and keep strong clean teeth. Don’t assume that once you good then everything will stay the same. Get specialized care advise from specialists.

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