We are always concerned with every sign of unhealthiness in our bodies and what they mean. We all know that cracked lips are a sign of dehydration, or that swollen eyes are an indication of something that isn’t right with your vision. But there are also signs that indicate your body is very healthy.

Here are signs that show your body is very health and in good condition.

1. Voluminous Hair That Is Lustrous And Shiny.

You may or may not have noticed this, but usually, when you have unhealthy hair, it becomes very difficult to fix it without actually changing your food habits. This means that if your body is unhealthy, your hair will be too. This also means that if your hair is full of health and bounce, and is shiny and non-greasy, your body is healthy as well.

2. Healthy Nails.

Unhealthy nails will usually be brittle and dull. And if, while trying to grow them, they bend easily, that is also an indication of unhealthy nails. Discolored, yellow-ish nails are also unhealthy. Usually, stress can cause your nails to become unhealthy. If you see major changes like sudden discoloration or brittleness, our advice would be to visit a doctor immediately, because these could be signs of something much more serious.

3. White Shiny Teeth And Pink Gums.

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is not just for cosmetic reasons. Many of us are aware of this, and surprisingly many of us are unaware as well, that poor oral hygiene can actually give rise to a host of other problems, such as cardiovascular illnesses – i.e. diseases of the heart.

The gist of the matter is that healthy teeth and gums are very, very important for overall good health, and if you have healthy teeth and gums, you are one lucky person. Or probably someone who works hard on your oral health.

4. The Inches Around Your Waist

It is now a proven fact that more than any other kind of fat, visceral fat around your tummy area is the worst. This is actually an indication of things much more serious. And also, since the major organs like the liver, kidney, etc. are all situated in that area, too much fat in that area actually deters the proper function of these organs, which ultimately results in further complications. Also, the fat present in this area is known to be metabolically active, so they secrete harmful chemicals that mess with the body’s balance.

5. You Sleep Well

Not all of us are blessed with a good night’s sleep. So, if you are, and can sleep at a stretch for 8 hours without any interruptions and disturbances, you are truly healthy indeed. Sleep is very important for it ensures not just a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. And if you are the kind who is getting sleep, all we unfortunate ones can say is – good for you.

6. Your Bowel Movements Are Smooth

This is actually a very clear indicator of how things are when it comes to your body’s health. If your bowel movements are easy and regular, then it’s very good news. Any irregularities should be immediately reported to your doctor .

7. A Happy Social Life

And by social life, we do not mean a great party life, but a great social support system that you can fall back on. When you have a system like that in place, you are definitely in a good place, and therefore, your health is in a good place as well.

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