The pènis, like many other sensitive parts of a man’s anatomy, needs regular care and attention. But many men are unaware that they can take steps to ensure their pènises remain healthy before, during, and after sèx. This article will discuss how guys can maintain healthy pnises following sxual activity.

One of the most crucial things for men to do after having sèx is to clean their pènises thoroughly, both externally and internally, as stated by webmd.

Cleaning the penis after sèx can help lower the likelihood of an infection taking hold, which is especially important if the male has engaged in unprotected sèx, as this is when the presence of sèxually transmitted diseases (STDs) is somewhat enhanced.

Any remaining sèmen on the pènis can be easily washed away with a gentle soap. The external pènis may also be cleaned with a soft cloth or gauze by some guys.

Cleaning the pènis from the inside is a little different from cleaning the outside. Soap should not be used to remove sèmen or ejaculatory fluid, as advised by experts.

Instead, it is recommended that men use large amounts of warm water to thoroughly flush the pènis and ensure cleanliness. If a guy is concerned that his sèxual partner may be infected with HIV or another STD, he can buy a test over the counter.

Men are advised to use a dry cotton towel or cloth to pat the pènis dry after cleaning. The risk of developing a fungal infection increases if any moisture is left behind.

A urinary tract infection (UTI) can be avoided if a man urinates shortly after sèx, as this helps to wash bacteria out of the urinary system. However, it’s also important to remember that urinating before having sèx may lessen the chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

Additionally, men should make it a priority to develop and maintain healthy personal hygiene routines. This includes getting out of damp underwear and into dry ones as soon as possible after sex. To prevent sweat from becoming trapped on the skin, men should wear cotton underwear and clothes that are too big for them.

Men should take special care to avoid getting their foreskin dirty. Any remaining debris should be gently but thoroughly washed away, and the foreskin should be rolled back in a circular motion.

Men should take post-sex safety measures into account by thinking about what their partners may have been exposed to before and during sex. This includes engaging in condom use and sanitizing all toys and surfaces that have come into contact with genital fluids.

Finally, men should take care of their pènis by doing a few simple things after sèx. Externally and internally, the pènis should be washed with warm water only, with other hygienic measures like drying the pènis and changing out of damp clothes kept in mind.

In addition, males should think about their sexual partners’ well-being and take extra safety measures if they think it’s essential.

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