Chicken is perhaps the most popular meat in many parts of the world due to its relatively low cost compared with other meat and in the West recognized as healthier than red meat due to its lower concentrations of cholesterol and saturated fat.

They are easily cooked in many ways: bbq, grilled, fried, boiled, steamed, baked, and others depending on the culinary culture of the countries.

How chicken is prepared-cooked affects human health.On the other hand, the meat of this one animal though full of benefits to the body, it turns out there are parts that can be dangerous. Especially if the parts of meat are consumed too often, can pose a risk to health. So, what are the parts of the chicken body in question?

What not to eat? The stomach, intestines and small organs, lungs and reproductive works. The green interior of the gizzard. The hard parts of the bones. Don’t eat the beak. (I’ve heard of people biting the heads off chickens, but never heard of anyone eating it.).

The heart and the gizzard usually need to be slowly braised if you want them tender they often are made into stock or gravy. Deep fried battered gizzards are a delicacy. Industrial chickens arrive with the gizzard opened and everted, and its bitter gall green lining removed.

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