Before digestion can begin, food and liquids are kept in the stomach as a storage facility. Digestion involves a variety of procedures. Gas can occasionally build up in the stomach, which can result in a variety of physical problems.

When you eat or drink, swallowing air is the main source of stomach gas. However, when bacteria ferment carbohydrates such as fiber, some starches, and some sugars that are not digested in your small intestine, gas is produced in your large intestine (colon).

This gas can occasionally result in discomfort, pain, exhaustion, and other health-related symptoms. We’ll be talking about some natural techniques to get rid of stomach gas in this article in accordance with a “Healthline” article.

activated charcoal usage

Another over-the-counter remedy that aids in releasing trapped gas in your intestines is activated charcoal. Utilizing activated charcoal to aid in stomach gas elimination is advised.

chamomile tea consumption

This tea is all-natural and offers a wide range of health advantages. However, regular consumption can both prevent and relieve gas symptoms.

Physical exercise

Regular physical activity can enhance your health and wellbeing in general. According to experts, releasing collected gas from your stomach can be accomplished by sleeping on your side with your knees bent. Therefore, if after a few minutes you still feel uncomfortable, try pulling your knees closer to your chest or try switching between straight legs and bent knees.

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