Health professionals say that the size, color, and shape of human lips vary.

This is frequently ascribed to factors including natural skin color, amount of sun exposure, and general health.

A person may develop lip discoloration after consuming foods that contain colors, such as berries, beets, and wine, according to Medical-News-Today.

Pink lips and lip discolouration can also be caused by underlying medical conditions, dietary deficits, and UV exposure.

The article claims that there are medical explanations for why someone might have pink lips.

The publication lists the following as some of these causes:

a lack of iron causes anemia
When a person’s body lacks enough iron, they get iron deficiency anemia. Depending on the degree of anemia, several symptoms may be present. It’s possible for people with mild iron deficiency anemia to have no symptoms at all or to additionally develop pink lips.

Hemochromatosis can be brought on by an excess of iron in the body. Skin darkening is one hemochromatosis symptom. Pink lips, commonly known as lip discoloration, may arise from this.

solar exposure
Actinic keratosis, often known as sunspots, are dark, crusty pimples that can appear on your lips as a result of sun exposure. They can show up on the lips, face, back, chest, and arms, among other places of skin.

certain medicines
A side effect of several drugs may be hyperpigmentation and other skin abnormalities in some persons. Tetracyclines, which are used to treat bacterial infections, cytotoxic pharmaceuticals used to treat cancer, and any medication containing heavy metals are a few examples of these medicines.

Allergies An allergic reaction to substances included in cosmetics and oral hygiene products might result in pink, irritated, or dry lips. Lipstick, leather, and anything containing scents, preservatives, or metals could be the culprits.

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