Healthline states that the early signs of HIV infection may be subtle and simple to overlook. A person with HIV can still spread the infection to others even if they may not be showing any symptoms.

One of the numerous causes for people to be aware of their HIV status is this. However, not everyone experiences the same HIV symptoms. So how do symptoms change for those who were given the gender of a woman at birth? Here are HIV symptoms in women, though.

oral sores

In the early stages, mouth sores are another possibility and might even be the primary indicator of an infection.

However, they might also happen if HIV has advanced to a more advanced stage.

They frequently take the form of cream-colored plaques on the lips, tongue, or palate.

A skin rash

Most HIV-positive individuals acquire skin problems. The rash is a typical symptom that can take many different forms.

They could be a sign of HIV or the effect of another illness or infection.

sweats at night

Within the first month of getting HIV, some persons may begin to develop nocturnal sweats. They develop when the body has a chance to combat the illness while it is sleeping.

Night sweats frequently coexist with other symptoms, such as fever. Fever, though, might also show up on its own.

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