When a loved one passes away, it may be imperative to find an expert to do a post-mortem on the body. Post-mortem is a synonym for autospy.

A pathologist does the autopsy. In that situation, a pathologist is a doctor who specializes in studying body tissues and drawing conclusions. The approximate cost in Kenya for enabling the procedure on the body of your loved one is KES.50,000.

He or she develops theories to explain how, why, and when someone passed away. There are various situations where a post-mortem is required, such as when the cause of death is completely unclear and the relevant clinical officer refuses to issue a death notification letter until the cause is determined.

In fact, obtaining a death certificate depends on receiving a letter of notification of the death. In the following circumstances, a post-mortem is required:

•When a death occurs suddenly and there is no known sickness.

•If the deceased’s family is interested in learning more about what might have led to the death.

Performing a post-mortem has many benefits. One benefit is that it aids in the treatment of other patients’ ailments since the pathologist may learn new information during the operation.

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