The government has declared a public holiday on Tuesday to make up for Christmas which falls on a Sunday.

Interior and National Administration Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki gazetted the holiday in a notice published on Friday.

He cited Sections 3 and 4 of the Public Holidays Act which allows his office to declare public holidays to compensate for recognized ones which fall on Sundays.

Where, in any year, a day in Part I of the Schedule falls on a Sunday, then the
first succeeding day, not being a public holiday, shall be a public holiday and the first-mentioned day shall cease to be a public holiday.

Public Holidays Act, Section 4.
Monday being Boxing Day, a recognized holiday, the make up holiday was carried forward to the next available day,

I confirm to you Tuesday 27 will be a public holiday to compensate for Christmas which this time round falls on Sunday, therefore we shall extend the celebration to Tuesday, 27 December.

Sourced from capital fm

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