As the world seeks ways to mitigate climate change, locals in Murang’a County are embracing solar-powered cooking methods.

This follows an initiative that seeks to train social workers in a bid to make solar energy accessible for the local community.

“This technology will help reduce deforestation. It is equally less costly and the cookers have zero emissions,” a trainee told Citizen Digital.

With traditional methods of cooking becoming more and more expensive, the initiative seeks to build on eco-friendly approaches.

“The solar cooker works by trapping the sun’s energy and converting it into low frequency radiation,” another added.

According to those behind the project, this will help the local community move away from collection of firewood.

The collection of firewood takes up hours. With training, the local community can turn to other income-generating activities. It also helps reduce cases of respiratory problems which is brought by smoke from firewood.

The exerice co-incided with an awareness campaign in Murang’a where ten Cancer survivors received solar cookers.

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