One of the historic happenings that took place in August 2022 is the conduction of the country’s third general election that subsequently gave Kenyans their fifth president.

Worth a round of applause and admiration, Kenyans were peaceful lots before, during and after the poll but the whole exercise had it’s moments of tension, heart breaks and some prophesied doom.

Of those who anticipated the worst is the former Mombasa gubernatorial hopeful_Hassan Omar, owing to the manner in which IEBC conducted and disseminated 2022 poll, a section of electorates partly knew who the victor was even before Wafula Chebukati made the official declaration.

Through his social media platforms, Omar registered his fears citing that albeit of Kenyatta II knowing that Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition party leader_Raila Odinga had succumbed to his Kenya Kwanza head_William Ruto, he (Uhuru) was hesitant to acknowledge the fact and more importantly bid self to oversee smooth transition of power to his would-be heir.

The former law maker called defense members to move in haste and see to it that Uhuru lives within the stipulates of the law proposing among other things beefing up of Ruto’s security.

Following the bad blood and strained relationship between Kenyatta II and Ruto, the former had earlier affirmed that he was not keen to pass the baton to the latter and this somewhat caused friction between the members of the teams.

In what partly seemed like actualization of Hassan Omar’s fears, despite of Chebukati crowning Ruto and Rigathi as president and deputy president respectively, Uhuru hesitated sending his congratulatory messages to the duo and this left tongues wagging with pro-Ruto crusaders wondering what the former CiC was up to.

In unprecedented turn of events, immediately Martha Koome and team made a ruling in favour of William Ruto, Uhuru broke silence and through a recorded and televised speech played by Statehouse media on September 5, Kenyatta II reaffirmed his respect to the rule of law citing that he was ready to hand over the baton to his successor peacefully.

This declaration was thereafter followed with visible actions where the transition team played their role and more notably, Uhuru graced the power hand over ceremony disapproving many wrong who had earlier subscribed to the notion that he was not to hand over the baton to Samoei.

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