Suna East member of parliament Hon. Junet Mohamed on Thursday scathingly attacked president William Ruto just minutes after meeting with him.

Junet Mohamed expressed his disappointment that the head of state was still campaigning and issuing promises to Kenyans instead of just delivering on his earlier promises.

He also castigated the president for using harsh words against fellow leaders for instance. “But more importantly, the President looks like some who is still in the campaign mood, talking hustlers, bottom-up in the judiciary, who was in the opposition and not..but the worst thing I have seen today is the president is still issuing promises, all these things should have been covered in the campaign,” Junet claimed.

Kenyans did not see it coming that the Suna East legislator would make a u turn and verbally go for the resident’s neck. The two on Thursday shared some happy moments after they shook hands for the first time since the 9th August general elections.

The happy moments between Ruto and Junet Mohamed elicited mixed reactions with Kenyans having the following to say:

“See how these politicians play with our minds. Who knew Junet Mohamed and William Ruto would smile at each other. Enyewe msiweke siasa kwa roho.”

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