A number of dads have openly or secretly shown interest in conducting DNA tests on their children, to ascertain if they are truly theirs biologically.

Dads react differently after discovering that kids they have been bringing up are not their biological or realising that their partners cheated on them.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s daybreak, panelist DJ Rev said cheating is the main reason a man would seek a DNA test.

“You might be trusting your wife but the questions that come from other people might trigger the doubt,” he said.

“It means there is something I have seen. People might have informed me that there are all doubts and all indications to suggest that this is not my child. If we do not address the tiger in the room, we will continue living with that doubt.”

He advised men who want to do DNA tests to be ready for anything, but not victimise the kids because they are innocent.

“Don’t victimise the child. The child is innocent. And if as a man you found that this is not your child and you decide to stay, don’t make the child feel bad.”

Another panelist, Robertta Bobbie said a conversation on having a DNA test is critical.

“Depending on how you bring a conversation, it should be from love, trust and respect. By the time couples are having kids, they should be in a position to have some conversations,” Roberta said.

She added that mistrusting a partner creates unnecessary heartbreaks and emotional gaps that could have been solved through understanding and communicating to each other effectively.

“Even after you do the DNA and you find the child is yours, imagine how the girl is feeling. Imagine the gap you put.”

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