President William Ruto: ‘It is not possible for us to continue contributing Sh200 to NSSF and pretend that we are saving. It is not saving; it is a joke’

From the quote of ruto in his speech, the contribution for NSSF Is likely to rise in coming months. However the news has not gone well with many kenyans against the move

Brian – But everything cannot be bad now just because you’re the President Sir. You were there for the last 10 years. Even when it is arguable that you were sidelined for the better part of Jubilee’s 2nd term, you contributed nothing commendable either in your 1st term. To my fellow Kenyans of KK, lower your expectations!

Peter Chunga – Preach…Until NSSF management styles up, and ceases to be political cash cow, I propose contribution should be 100bob…. The 200 is already thoroughly being misused

Muchui – But 200 Bob is what an average hustler earns in a single day, Ruto forgetting he is an hustler 🤔,why can he be so forgetful🤣, He should first deal with corruption in those nhif offices. I call upon hon. Raila Odinga to retire from politics. We must teach Uhuru a lesson

Musyoka- Mr Ruto, infact we need a law to enable us be withdrawing our cash before that stipulated age, it is economically stupid to save money for more than 50 years and die without touching it,, your family starts the process of following up on it, they too die and leave the cash there, allow us to take loans based on those savings, otherwise why should we contribute more while we can’t account for the 200 already?????

Godfrey- Mr President,
Most of the people who voted for you were ‘hustlers’. Where on earth do you expect them to get more than that? Most Nssf savers never get a chance to access their benefits. I’m actually yet to find one who benefitted, my question is; who is the beneficiary of the more money you want us to save?
Kiulizo tu

Robert – We both pay for nhif services. Civil servants are given priority while the other Kenyan has to follow certain awkward procedures. What for?

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