Deputy-president elect Rigathi Gachagua is likely to be the next Mt. Kenya Kingpin after Azimio failed to win the general elections. 

Political pundits however say it will not be easy for Gachagua to fill Uhuru Kenyatta’s shoes any time soon.

According to Dismus Mokua, the probability of Gachagua  filling Uhuru’s is zero because of the campaign strategy that Ruto used in his quest for the country’s top seat.

“Probability of the deputy president Gachagua filling those shoes is almost zero. President elect William Ruto said he wanted to retain the initial Jubilee base that was Mt. Kenya as well as Rift Valley.

So he made endless trips to Mt. Kenya because Mt. Kenya is a key success in any election and this goes back to this concept in political science, it says ethnic majoritarianism because of the numbers,” Mokua said in an interview with NTV. 

Mokua added that Ruto created a direct relationship with voters by avoiding political brokers thus making it difficult for Gachagua to easily ascend to Uhuru’s position.

“So William Ruto has literally visited every single village in Mt. Kenya. People actually know know him when he goes to those place and he created a direct relationship with the voters.

You remember when he started his campaigns, he said he was not going to work with political brokers so probability of Gachagua filling those shoes is low at least in the next 10 years,” Mokua said.

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