Public litigant Okiya Omtatah now links the recent ‘disrespectful’ Presidential petition to one of the male Supreme Court Judges.

Speaking to a local channel on Wednesday September 7 afternoon, the Busia Senator alleged that the person who authored the draft as read by Chief Justice Martha Koome was a notorious male judge of the bench.

Senator Omtatah argued that the same judge was used to disrespecting people who he doesn’t side with and that this a behavior he has displayed for a along time.

“It is one of the male judges not a female, who wrote the ruling. It points to the fact that maybe he was compromised and so he was trying to impress someone who had sent him to rubbish the petition,” Senator Okiya Omtatah said today as quoted by the

These claims were also boosted by hundreds social media users who, on Wednesday September 7 evening, saw them trend a certain judge of the Supreme Court of Kenya for alleged misconduct.

The Twitter users reminisced the events before and during the petition ruling – That days after Azimio petition had been filed with the Registrar at the Supreme Court Milimani, there were claims of bribery which were, however, mooted before spilling further.

Users recounted how this particular judge was continuously dismissive of anything said by Azimio la Umoja lawyers during the court sessions and, sometimes, he would openly go hard on them. Video-

Finally, someone confirms what I posted.

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