Director of Criminal Investigation George Kinoti has issued an arrest warrant against a father and son accused of defrauding a banking corporation of over Ksh60 million.

According to a statement dated Thursday, August 25, the two conspired to defraud the firm based in Nairobi on diverse dates between July 1, 2014, and April 7, 2020.

The duo were arraigned in court but failed to honour the summons after being set free.

Following their contempt, the Milimani Chief magistrate’s court issued a warrant of arrest for the two.

“The two who are at large are also wanted for forgery of a document, contrary to section 345 as read with section 349 of the penal code,” DCI stated.

“Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is invited to volunteer it through the toll free number 0800 722203 or the nearest police station for action,” DCI added.

According to Kenya Law, the suspect entered a deal with the bank before it later emerged that he had forged the document to obtain money from the financial institution.

The Constitution states that any person who alters any document or electronic record is guilty of an offence which, unless otherwise stated, is a felony, and he is liable to imprisonment of three years.

The warrant comes as cases of fraud continue to escalate. The US government recently warned Kenya over skyrocketing cases of online scam in the country.

President Joe Biden’s administration advised the government to set up measures to prevent further escalation of online crime.

Overwhelmed by the rise in cybercrime, the Kenyan authorities extended their cooperation with the FBI to address the cases.

DCI even deployed a team of detectives to undergo training to tackle cybercrime.

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