Outgoing Makueni governor Kivutha Kibwana has left Kenyans talking following his defection from Azimio-OKA to Kenya Kwanza.

Kivutha has been an instrumental figure in Azimio campaigns and his move came as a surprise to many. He chose to leave Azmio days after he unsuccessfully vied for Makueni senatorial seat under his Muungano party ticket

He lost the race to Wiper’s Dan Maanzo who won by  177, 273 votes. Kivutha garnered 59,034 votes. This could have been one of the reasons for his departure because he complained about elections being compromised in parts of the county. 

Since elections, Kivutha had maintained a low profile until on Tuesday August 23, when Kenya Kwanza leader William Ruto announced that he was now a member of his team and would be joining the alliance’s legal team in the presidential election petitions that are currently before the Supreme Court.

“We associate with the leadership that Prof.@governorkibwana has manifested in agreeing to work with us in furthering our country’s development agenda.

The Makueni Governor will join the Kenya Kwanza legal team in the ongoing presidential election petition,” Ruto said on his social media.

Days earlier, he had however shared a piece advising Azimio what to consider before deciding to file a petition challenging the declaration of Ruto as the president elect.

A local daily reported that Kivutha defected from Azimio claiming that chances for them winning the presidential petition ‘are slim”. He therefore could have decided to join Ruto’s camp in a bid to secure his political future and interests.

Others have however noted that his move does not come as a surprise because he was always complaining about Azimio but the timing is what raises questions because he might have either been a mole in Azimio or was heading to be one in Ruto’s.

Azimio supporters have however consoled themselves saying that he will regret his move once the presidential petition is successful.

“Kivutha Kibwana to UDA doesn’t surprise me much because he always complained about Azimio even before Kalonzo Musyoka came back after his dilly dallying. What surprises me the most is the timing. Does he carry internal secrets from Azimio legal team on strategy?” a Twitter user posed.

In April this year, Kivutha complained about how Kalonzo was making his life difficult in Azimio. He claimed that Kalonzo wanted him out of the coalition.

“It is proving impossible to work with @skmusyoka in Azimio in Ukambani. After he joined us, he wanted especially me out of all Azimio structures. I have no choice but to be at peace with this sad reality. History will ultimately judge all of us. May it be kind,” he said in a tweet then.

Muungano party joined Azimio la Umoja in March, before Kalonzo came in leading to the formation of Azimio la Umoa-OKA. Another possible reason for his departure could be the supremacy battle between him and Kalonzo.

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