Murang’a women representative Sabina Wanjiru Chege has said the Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya coalition is gaining followers from across the country on a daily basis.

Chege said she is confident that Azimio will form the next government adding that their aim is to get over 15 million votes for a straight first-round win.

“Our numbers are growing day by day and we are guaranteed victory in the general elections to have Odinga as our next president,” Sabina Chege said.

“There are some people who have been campaigning for the past nine years but Odinga declared his candidature only six months ago and his popularity has gone up” Chege added.

Speaking in Murang’a, she said this is the opportune time for Odinga to lead the country adding that he has vast experience in leadership and thus the best candidate for the top most seat.

“The deputy president William Ruto should wait for his time to lead this country to come because this is the appointed time for Odinga.”

Odinga, she said, has an agenda for the country as outlined in his manifesto and the public will have a lot of benefit by adding that those who will be in the government will ensure the promises have been fulfilled.

She also said the leaders in the coalition have put up a spirited effort to ensure Odinga takes the seat by getting the majority of the votes.

“We are at the home stretch of the campaigns and we want to ensure we take Odinga and Karua to the Statehouse,” she remarked.

The legislator urged Mt.Kenya residents not to go in the opposition warning them out they might miss out on a handful of benefits from the government.

“We have benefited a lot as a region from various projects established by the government and we would not want to lose out by being in the opposition,” she added.

Chege also defended Odinga from accusations that he is not a Christian pointing out that no one has the right to judge each other.

“I have interacted with the family very closely and I can tell you for sure that Odinga is a God-fearing man and people should not be twisted to think otherwise,” she said.

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