Youtube is one of the platform that has produced creative minds in the world. Content creator earn as their counted is being viewed by millions of platform users. Payments are calculated according to the number of views one get and also the quality of the view.

Kenya is one of country with most creative minds and it’s not left behind as Kenyan celebrities all the way from the entertainers to Educators command a massive audience and earn huge amount of money.

A few of them have come out clearly to reveal to the public what they earn from the content they create, but a few have opted to make it a secret. We have analysed a few of them who are highly paid


Felix Odiwuor who goes by the stage name JALANG’O is of the top earners on the platform . On his channel JALANG’O TV and his talk show, Bonga na Jalas. He is highly rated by his viewer. He has interviewed different celebrities, Politicians and several business people.


She is a young YouTuber with over 500,000 subscribers, hundreds of videos and millions of content views. She also carry out interviews together with her hubby Director Trevor. During an interview MUNGAI revealed that she earns at least 1.5 Million Kenyan Shillings from YouTube.


His real name is Timothy Njuguna, he’s one of the top earners in Kenya with over 590,000 YouTube subscribers and millions of content views. Asides YouTube he has also partnered with other big brands which are paying him huge money.

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