Pastor of the Catholic Church in the village of Liputu, Masasi District in the Mtwara Region,Tanzania. Laurence Milanzi, has died in the cemetery while participating in the funeral of a fellow villager named Daudi Veno.

Witnesses of the incident say that the priest fell suddenly while urging people not to cause calamities to a person who does not attend Houses of Worship.

The death of the pastor happened in the village on July 19 this year, at 11:00 am at an area used specifically for the burial .

The pastor’s body has been kept at the Ndanda Mission Hospital, Masasi District, awaiting the funeral procedures that are expected to take place in the village, after the completion of all procedures.

Some witnesses who attended the funeral of Daudi Veno, have explained that Reverend Milanzi was found dead, when he was offering prayers and begging his fellow religious leaders to stop the habit of not attending the funeral of a fellow human being who does not participate in religious matters.

Pastor Milanzi said that the act of not praying or burying the deceased because he was not participating in the Houses of Worship, Church and mosques is going against the instructions of the almighty God.

Who ordered that when a person dies, it is important to bury him and not leave him because it spoils the air due to the bad smell from him.

“Baada ya kueleza hayo, tukamuona mwenzetu akidondoka chini kisha kupoteza fahamu” Joseph Michael and Samwel Chindonga explained.

In addition, the witnesses have said that after the Pastor fell down, they picked him up and rushed him to Ndanda Hospital and were told by the doctors that he had died.

One of the doctors of the Ndanda Hospital who did not like his name to be mentioned in the media (Dr Venance Chingwile) has confirmed that Pastor Milanzi’s body has been received, and kept in the mortuary (Mochwari) pending funeral procedures.

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