Azimio runningmate Martha Karua and Kenya Kwanza runningmate Rigathi Gachagua on Tuesday night came face to face with each other in the intensified debate.

At the beginning, both the candidates began well by explaining why their principals were the best to take over the leadership of the country come 9th of August 2022.

However, majority of Kenyans believe that Martha karua outshined Rigathi Gachagua because the kenya Kwanza runningmate was too personal and he was only attacking president Uhuru as opposed to challenging Karua.

In fact, you would be forgiven to think that Rigathi was debating with president Kenyatta since he spent 85% of his time calling his name and blaming him for everything as he excused his boss Ruto who is equally in the Jubilee government.

The second reason why Rigathi lost to Martha is because she was composed and tried to stick to the questions asked unlike Gachagua who tried to run away from the questions. At some point, the Kenya Kwanza runningmate proposed that he wanted questions about cost of living just to evade the corruption topic.

The third reason why Martha outshined Rigathi is because she was confident enough to cite the cause of state capture, such as corruption scandals. Gachagua on the other hand alleged that the first family was responsible but he immediately chickened out and was too scared to drag the name of Kenyatta family. Hence, Kenyans wondered why he was accusing the Kenyatta family if he could not grab the bull by its horn and just link state capture to them.

Most importantly, the Kenya Kwanza was making reference to what Kenyans referred to as “Mwakenya” while karua was debating without referring to any piece of paper. This proved that she mastered her issues unlike Ruto’s deputy who had to refer to most things.

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