Diana Marua is ordinarily a very patient person, but not with a fan who brought up the Mathare MP issue involving her husband Bahati and ODM lawmaker Edwin Sifuna.

The fan took to Diana’s social media pages to comment about the ongoing drama involving Azimio and Jubilee’s fight over who will represent the Mathare constituency in the coming elections.

Diana has been graceful enough to disregard Sifuna’s mocking remarks to Bahati that he would prefer to deal with her than the whinny Bahati.

She continued to publish on her regular influencer schedule and even released a new video on her YouTube channel while ignoring the hubbub going on around her husband.

However, one supporter urged her to speak out about the shady political conflict that Bahati was embroiled in and into which her name had been linked.

Diana posted a no-hands challenge video featuring her sisters and the fan took the opportunity to joke about the video as well as ask about the Bahati-Sifuna online beef.

“Wewe cheza na mzee amechezwa. (You keep playing and your man has been played),” a fan joked.

Diana responded quickly to silence the commenter, “Sasa nilie? Mathare [ni] ya mzee. Periodt!!!! Tupatane Youtube tufurahi.”

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