For the last few days William Kabogo has been dominating headlines in the country. That is because he made a u-turn on Deputy President William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza coalition as he ditched them and decided to pursue his interest of becoming the Governor of Kiambu county.

From that time, William Kabogo has been campaigning on his own as he seeks to defeat his fierce opponents and today, he broke his silence with a late night announcement ahead of the August 2022 poll.

Through his official twitter account, William Kabogo announced that his focus is to ensure that he puts money in the pockets of ordinary residents of Kiambu county on the shortest time possible. He went on to explain that putting money in the pockets of his residents doesn’t mean dishing out handouts.

William Kabogo also stated that his county government will invest in tea, maize, coffee, dairy, fish and other such sub-sectors.

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