Former Kiambu County Governor William Kabogo has finally cleared the air on his choice of presidential candidate in the forthcoming August General Elections.

Responding to a question by Citizen TV’s journalist Waihiga Mwaura on whether his manifesto lines with that of his choice of presidential candidate, Kabogo made it clear that he is not inclined to any presidential candidate and he is by his own.

“I’ve seen you on Kenya Kwanza campaign trails. You do not have any sought of similarities with the manifesto you are preparing?” Questioned Waihiga.

“You must have seen me a while back… Things changed…Things change Waihiga. Right now I’m on my own and I’m doing quite well, Thank you,” responded Kabogo.

The flamboyant politician went ahead and added that he currently doesn’t have manifesto of any presidential aspirant.

Kabogo made the remarks during Kiambu County gubernatorial aspirants’ debate held by Royal Media Services TV’s, Inooro and Citizen, hosted by Waihiga and Mashrima Kapombe.

Mwende Gatabaki of Safina Party, Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi, and Thika MP Patrick Wainaina Jungle were also in attendance.

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