John Mbadi has threatened to expose ODM party secrets if he is attacked again by Gladys Wanga and Caroli Omondi whom he urged the people to vote out.

The ODM Chairman is clear he won’t be moved a inch in his efforts to ensure only those who will add value get elected into office come August 9th polls.

Mbadi also made it clear that he was betrayed by the party despite him supporting Raila Odinga since 1992. He however made it clear that he doesn’t regret supporting the person of Raila Odinga though he doesn’t believe in the ODM party where he serves as Chairman anymore.

The fact of the matter is that as we move into the future John Mbadi is facing a tough moment after he lost in the ODM party nominations. It’s clear that at the moment, Mbadi has lost the ground and he is likely to end into the political cold like it happened to the late Jakoyo Midiwo.

John Mbadi has promised to expose ODM party even as he made it clear that the party bungled the nominations. Mbadi is shocked that at the moment, the party is forcing Kenyans especially from Nyanza region to support ODM party yet they bungled the nominations.

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