Political tension remains high in the country as politicians continue hunting for the top seats without wasting any single minute.

Today, Senator Malala was in Kakamega town where he had a chance to interact with the people of Kakamega. He went to the street where Mutumba clothes sellers do their businesses.

Malala used this chance to address the people as he thanked them for supporting him as MCA, Senator and now he wants to be a governor. He asked the people if they will really vote him saying this;

” Mimi nataka mnipigie kura ya ungava mwaka huu, mtanipigia kura ama mtani-enjoy tu, ” said Malala.

When he asked this question, they people cheered in large voices as they promised to vote for him in August.

They assured him that they are going to for him in August as Oscar Sudi observed. Oscar Sudi accompanied Senator Malala to walk around Kakamega in rush to hunt Western vote and secure gubernotorial seat.

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