There are approximately less than seventy days left until the general elections,and it appears that momentum is turning towards a new home.Politicians are now moving here and there to finalise their journey of selling their agendas to the people of Kenya.

According to the statistics done previously by different organisations concerning the forthcoming general elections,Ruto and Raila Odinga are the top most contenders for presidency.

After the electral commission of Kenya cleared four presidential aspirants and their respective running mates.The list comprises of Raila-Karua (Azimio Movement),Ruto-Gachagua (Kenya Kwanza),Wajackoyah-Wambui(Roots Party),Mwaure-Ruth (Agano Party).

If Kenyans are asked to choose who will emerge victorious if presidential elections were to be held today among the presidential candidates,who could emerge the winner?There is an opinion poll carried out after the presidential aspirants have been cleared and shortlisted by the IEBC.

According to the results from the opinion,if elections were carried out today lets read and know who could be the Kenyan fifth president.

The most preferred duo is formed by William Ruto who led the race with 55%,Raila-Karua became the second position with 33%,wajackoya-Wambui had 11% and Mwaure-Ruth managed to get 1% of the total votes.

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