Some men normally doesn’t accept that they are the biological father of a child as stated by the child’s mother. This is simply because they suspect that the mother might have sleep with another man or they are not willing to take responsibility of the child.

Other men also claim that they are the biological father of the child even after the child’s mother said that they are not.

To prove if a man is the real father of a child, a DNA Perternity test is carried. The cost of the DNA test in Kenya varies depending on which type of DNA test you want to take.

For example, the 24-marker DNA test cost Ten Thousand Kenya shillings per person. This means that one needs atleast Twenty Thousand to take the test because it would be done to two people, the child and the alleged father.

The 44-marker DNA test cost 17,500/= per person. So for it to be taken for the alleged father and the child, one needs 35,000/=.

Lancet is the leading facility for DNA test in Kenya

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