some people have been asking questions on whether the combination of milk and banana has got a lot of benefits to the body of a human being. according to some of the experts they have advised people against combining bananas and milk.

Therefore we are going to outline some of the reasons that tell us why we should not take a combination of banana and milk.

according to some experts a combination of milk and banana should be avoided because it causes disruption of sleep during night and also may disrupt or slow down the digestion system.

in case you would like to get a good sleep tonight you should avoid this combination and seek for other varieties of meals that will help you get enough sleep during night time.

the majority of people who benefit from a combination of milk and bananas are those who are called body builders. Most of the bodybuilders gain a lot of weight and energy for high-intensity activities.

However a combination of milk and bananas is not suggested for people who have got allergies or asthma since it produces milk is which can cause breathing problems amongst those who are suffering from such ailments.

Majority of us are quite aware that bananas are low of calories so it is good to include this kind of bananas to our weight-loss strategies which contain hour fitness.

Potassium is abundant in bananas:

Potassium is one of the minerals that adds functionality of the human muscular contraction and fluid balance. It is also essential in treatment of hypertension. The existence of potassium in bananas helps one to lower their heart rate and these funds will increase or improve their sleep quality.

Additionally bananas contain magnesium which is a crucial able to mental relaxing. Those individuals who lack magnesium or end up with problems like panic and this may also harm the health of the intestines.

Tryptophan, a caustic amino acid, is found in bananas:

This type of hormone helps the body to keep track of time and then and answers fast sleep.

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