Last year, Anne Kansiime welcomed her first child with her boyfriend Skylanta after struggling for so many years.

Previously Anne Kansiime was married to her northern husband Gerald Ojoko but the couple didn’t manage to have a child as they ended up divorcing.

Kansiime revealed that getting pregnant was a miracle for her because she had tried for a long time but all was in vain.

However, seems she is experiencing the same problem again. Anne Kansiime said she is trying for a second baby without her boyfriend knowing because motherhood has become her progression after struggling with it at the beginning.

“I am trying for a second child although my husband doesn’t know. Motherhood is currently my profession and am enjoying it,” she said. The experience of having my first child has shown me to wait on God,” she said. I thank God for the lockdown it has enabled me to be able to nurse my newborn baby.

“I don’t know if it’s because I had waited for so long to have a baby, I promised to do everything possible for him. Breastfeeding was painful for me as I was doing it wrongly.

“I had a lactation specialist who was teaching me on how to breastfeed but the baby came before I could learn as much as I could. The second day after I gave birth I felt so much pain, I have never been in such pain. I had made up my mind to exclusively breastfeed even if it meant using straws,” Kansiime said.


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