Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary General Francis Atwoli has spoken out against the Kenya Kwanza coalition over a recently leaked power-sharing deal.

Atwoli told off the coalition’s presidential flagbearer Deputy President William Ruto, terming the post-election agreement as blatant deceit to his co-principals.

According to the COTU boss, the DP has allotted what he termed as unrealistic demands to his fellow Kenya Kwanza leaders, while also giving inferior promises of positions if he ascends to the highest office in the land.

“I have come to know what Ruto was after, the truth has come to light, what I have been saying is now obvious. We said that people are being cheated to join either UDA or the Kenya Kwanza,” Atwoli said on Thursday in a press briefing.

“Ruto has been telling Kenyans total lie, and Kenyans should be wary of that because it is not realizable for you to tell Dr. Mutua, get us 30 per cent of total votes cast in Ukambani.”

He added: “I happen to come from where Musalia and Wetangula come from, they must realize 70 per cent of the Western Kenya votes for them to earn 30 per cent. Is that a reality? Can that happen? The answer is No, even 10 per cent they cannot get for Ruto in the Western province; were they not been cheated?”

At the same time, Atwoli recalled DP Ruto’s past criticisms of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) where he (Ruto) accused its proponents of leading selfish politics of sharing positions rather than focusing on the needs of Kenyans.

In the same light, Atwoli outrightly asserted that Ruto is currently playing double standards by creating positions that he once vouched against.

“Ruto alikuwa anasema hawa jamaa wa vitendawili wanatafuta madaraka, he has not lived to that and has allotted madaraka to his people,” he said.

“We (Azimio) are not promising people heavens, Ruto equally is now talking about BBI, then allotting. Something surprising in his allocation of positions, there is no jua kali guy, no boda boda, mama mboga and no wheelbarrow, there is nobody; he talks of the impossibility of the bottom up.”

Atwoli opined that ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi being allocated the position of a Prime Cabinet Secretary is disrespectful and ultimately demeaning to his people.

“If Mudavadi is being told that he will be a chief minister, the work that is being done by CS Matiang’i, will that attract votes from Western Kenya?” He posed.

“In an unlikely event that they win, he will be made a chief minister, is that what Western Kenya wants? We want to be in the government under whatever government so that seats are allotted to people according to what they have delivered.

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