Wiper Democratic Movement has nominated former Kitui Governor Julius Makau Malombe as their candidate for the Kitui gubernatorial contest in August this year.

The party settled on Malombe through a consensus process spearheaded by the Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka that has taken over two weeks between Malombe and immediate former Kenyan Ambassador to Uganda Kiema Kilonzo.

During a brief ceremony held at the Wiper Command Centre on Tuesday, Kalonzo said they relied on several options before settling on Malombe including a scientific survey, religious leaders’ concuss, and National Executive Council (NEC) resolutions.  

Kalonzo says the party put a lot of effort to engage aspirants along the lines of consensus, considering the high rate of infiltration by opposing parties for the weak candidates to emerge winners during primaries.

Deputy Speaker Jessicah Mbalu also got the direct ticket for Kibwezi parliamentary contest after her competitor William Malile agreed to support her in running for the third term.

In his acceptance speech, Malombe agreed to work with all party members, MPs, senators and Woman Representatives to capture all the elective seats in Kitui County.


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