A Kinyozi in Nairobi has been the talk of town now.

Opened by Frida Mwende, it only employs beautiful curvaceous women.

They shave you, groom you, massage you and occasionally dance for you.

Mwende has said that the Kinyozi is not a brothel so you should not expect to get sexual favours.

“When you say I’m sexualizing the business by twerking, what do you mean? Women twerk in clubs every day and they don’t get paid. I get paid to do this, so why not,” she confidently says.

“I’m sexy, I’m fabulous, I’m confident in my body, I’m a beautiful woman, kwa nini tufiche…. It has worked for this business, men love seeing nice things, hakuna mtu anataka kwenda kunyolewa alafu ashikwe na mikono ngumu, here you meet soft hands, soft voices and beautiful girls.”

“This is not a brothel, it’s a grooming den for kings where they are served by African maidens. If you don’t want your man to come here, wash his feet when he comes home, give him a massage, make him look pretty otherwise he will come here. Actually you should be thanking us for doing the work you’re not,” she yawps.

‘Man’s Chamber’ even has full-time ‘Twerk Queens’ whose job is to dance suggestively to besotted male clients while they have their hair cut.

“I’ve got a lot of beautiful women here who twerk for our customers all day long, from morning to evening. It’s part of what we offer here and we see absolutely nothing wrong with that,” Mwende says.

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