Deputy President William Ruto has finally spoken about BBI judgement which is expected to be delivered tomorrow by Supreme Court

“Wale ambao tunashindana na wao wanasema eti this is a constitutional moment, we’re telling them this is not a constitutional moment, this is an economic moment,” said the DP.

“Our competitors sabotaged the Big 4 plan which had opportunities for jobs and business for young people of our nation. Our priority is to change the economy, so that we can create jobs and opportunities for the young people of our nation…your project of BBI and changing the Constitution is going to be doomed to fail,” he said.

Kenyans reacted by saying:

Warembo Wa Azimio:
Ruto is really suffering. He will never be president.

IF I were him, I would ask God to teach me “kunyamaza” but because I’m not him, wacha nijifunze kunyamaza.

Opposition nayo is inevitable!

It can not be immaterial, it will affect the relationship between the executive and the judiciary, whatever the outcome.

Why don’t you just ignore somethings this country belongs to us all, you can’t be right on everything, even the 2010 constitution you didn’t support but it has protected you now.

Saa hii mnalia mambo ya gas na mafuta kupanda na bado BBI . If BBI passes mjue mtalia cha ukweli. those new political offices need new cars, grants to buy new cars, new homes, furnishing their offices etc. Any kenyan thinking if BBI hurts ruto is just a fool. Ruto has nothing to loose. He is a rich man already so he doesnt feel any pressure. Neither uhuru, ruto nor raila is interested in you. To them you are good for paying taxes and voting

The impact of BBI verdict is consequential to politicians and our political arithmetic which ever way it goes. Don’t console yourself sir.
It seems youo know which way the judgement will go!

Whatever the outcome you will leave to suffer with high living costs.

Maybe he is thinking that we are in 1992 during Moi era when everything belonged to them

Mr. Man, you’ve talked enough to a point you’re losing it l dedicate this song to you Nifunze Kunyamaza. What doesn’t favour you is always immaterial.

At this rate i see ruto promising Kenyans eternal life. All that is contained in the BBI which Ruto himself rejected and was against.He has now started to take the contents of BBI one at a time as his manifesto, come August he will have exhausted it all ….

BBI will help Ruto more than Azimio,,,if they pass it they ll sort mt kenya n western as far as the deputy president post is concerned

Sometimes decisions are made politically in Kenya ! But who suffers most? It’s we kenyans !All politicians have made money through us , even if BBI will come whichever way no politicians will suffer it’s we kenyans who hustle harder who will pay them ! So let’s stand for our rights Raila ruto nor uhuru’ or even their children will feel the higher taxes

How many things and laws in the constitution he is bound to change in his favor if he becomes the president?
How many times has he changed the name of this movement of his in a span of three months since it was registered?

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