Millicent Omanga has raised concerns on the events that are bound to happen on Thursday.

On Thursday the supreme court is expected to give its verdict on BBI

Taking to Twitter, Nominated senator Millicent Omanga mused:

“Some people have already started celebrating BBI judgement set for Thursday 31st March, 2022. Do they know something we don’t know?”

Kenyans reacted by saying:

Are you the only visitor in Jerusalem? The walk to Emaus begun at the infant stages of Building Bridges Initiative…

why are you not celebrating…does it mean you already know the verdict wont favor you…?

BBI nonsense has no impact on the coming elections. And in any case there is any, we will also use it to our advantage as Hustler nation. Don’t worry

The same way you are celebrating Ruto’s predidency before we vote. Do you know something? Reference to Kuria’s remarks that they stole votes for Uhuru

Well, lets agree with Ruto that Raila was the one planning to impeach Uhuru. An impeached Uhuru would automatically make Ruto the new president. So in the wisdom baquette of Ruto, Raila wanted to impeach Uhuru so that he unceremoniously takes over as Kenya president.

BBI ruling is now irrelevant in terms of it’s effects on the August 9 elections. The value now,importantly,lies in declaration of the firm legal/constitutional position. So there is really nothing to regret or celebrate.

the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Ruling by the Court of Appeal was not correctly entered.

Kindly, Don’t be surprised if the Ruling by the SUPREME COURT OF KENYA takes a different twist which could turn out to be “POLITICAL” other than the current “Set Rule of Laws”.

Spare Azimio your Anger. Should Supreme court rule in Favour of BBI proponents then, Kenya Kwanza will suffer massive political blow. Let us wait and See

They are celebrating the rule of law and constitutional growth of the nation Non reformers or and those who rejected katiba 2010 are likely nit to find it amusing unless it favours them.

Omanga we know that your UDAKU would celebrate in hiding after all you need BBI to appease MDVD ,WETA,RIGATHI,NYORO. SO STOP PRETENDING

Had you put more effort in following the proceedings at the Supreme Court, instead of shaking your behind, you would be in the category of those in the know as well.

Your place is @XSMillionaires , not the National Assembly.

They followed the proceedings…and every individual can celebrate based on their own judgement according to what they learned from the court proceedings. And many are they who are happy that the matter will be concluded in time before elections.

If you care for your boss, you would pray for a pro BBI ruling. Otherwise he’ll become politically irrelevant in 5yrs.

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