Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei has become the latest politician to comment on Mama Ngina Kenyatta political statement.

The former first lady while attending a burial ceremony urged Mt Kenya residents to listen to President Uhuru’s political advise.

The senator told Mama Ngina to keep off from politics and concentrate on raising her grandchildren.

“I would ask the former first lady to just keep off politics, concentrate on raising grandchildren and advising the country. In fact, she should be carrying out motherhood sensitisation, preaching, if she finds time she can join fellowshipping,” stated Cherargei.

Cherargei also wondered the role that Mama Ngina plays in Kenya politics.

“People have questioned before the role of Mama Ngina in Kenyan politics. We have always been warned of the dire consequences of insulting Mama Ngina,”said Cherargei.

The senator was not happy about Mama Ngina sentiments towards the deputy president.

He wondered what ill intentions could the deputy have towards his boss.

He also wondered why Mama Ngina had not spoken about it for all those years that Ruto supported President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“I am surprised that Mama Ngina is saying the deputy president has ill intentions yet he supported the president in 2013 we didn’t hear Mama Ngina and in 2017 she did not tell us the DP had ill intentions against the president.

My small advice to her is that as a former first lady she should be preaching about the unity of the country, the love of the country. At her age, we wouldn’t want to be exchanging very harsh words.” added the senator.


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