Famous content creator Natalie Tewa have caused controversy on social media once again after revealing that she now wants a man who can give her ten children.

“I wanted like 10 children when I was young now I am late for 10. I am like, where is the man to give me 10 kids? I now want to push five. But the way things are going, let me just have three or four. I love kids and I love nurturing.”

Natalie who had been rumoured to be dating governor of Mombasa County stated on an interview with a local media house that her biological clock is ticking.

Tewa claimed that she has always wanted to give birth to ten children since she loves children and nurturing however since is late she is thinking of about four kids.

Talking about relationship, the YouTuber claimed that she has been single for one year and half that is until she found her current boyfriend.

“I am always in a relationship. For now, I have been single for one and a half years. I am somewhere there and looking to get married. There is someone very new and we are just taking things slowly,” she said.

Giving advice for those who are in relationship. Natalie stated:

In my first relationship, I thought everything was perfect but you are doing things for social media, not for you and that is wrong since. Love them for the right reason and love them for who they are and not what they have. It is important to know that because, forever is a long time.”

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