A lady identified as Wamboi Kuria has been attacked because of supporting William Ruto.

She had posted on her timeline:

“William Ruto will have to work 100 times harder and smarter when elected president of the republic of Kenya to bring back this country on its feet again. Uhuru has totally brought down the economy of Kenya.”

Kenyans attacked her online by saying;

Uhuru and Ruto were elected together, so if the economy of Kenya is down you can’t blame Uhuru alone, Ruto is also to blame!

So you think it’s the president who determines the performance of the economy 不不不不you need economics 101 lessons

Wambo elected Uhuruto to punish and send Raila to Bondo she is again going to vote Ruto to punish both a uhuru and Raila
See what jubilee government gave us Kenyans

Sudi will be cabinet secretary finance. 不不不. He will also be the Biwott of moi era. Wengi watalia.

If Uhuru has brought down the economy, then if Ruto is elected he will collapse it completely.

You are one of the pple who declared Uhuru bad after voting him in the third https it not you who was belting out tunes of TANO TENA and KUUMERA KUUMERA?
What changed? Uhh! The handshake..uhh!Cz of ur hate of Raila? UTAKULA HUU! 5TH.

But Ruto said he has been working with Uhuru in everything from policy to action. So what makes you think he can fix what he and his friend did?

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