Popular politician Cate Waruguru has made a public declaration that she needs a man.

Lamu women representative made this declarative as he was respnding to her opponent, former CS Kiunjiri who accused her of being a husband snatcher.

Cate Waruguru addressed this yesterday, 8th February as she was campaigning. The renowned politician made it clear that she does not need anyone to keep spreading lies that she is promiscuous.

According to Cate, her opponent is the one peddling lies that she is a husband snatcher.

“Just like God created Adam and Eve, I need an Adam in my life. So stop saying that I sleep with men as if is not normal,” the vexed lawmaker said to the cheers of her audience.

“What is the problem with Kiunjuri really? If they love me and call me sweet baby, is that a problem?” she posed.

This however is not the first Cate Waruguru has been forced to clear her name concerning the sane story.

Speaking to a local media house, Cate had earlier revealed that she is married to business man named Peter Waweru and she has never snatched anyone’s husband.

“I am not a husband snatcher. Mimi hukatiwa, sikatianangi (men chase me, I don’t chase them). So please ask your men why they chase after me.

After all, I’m not a husband snatcher, when you say you’re snatched, it looks like you’re an idle person who was walking around the street and you’re pickpocketed.

“These women who are complaining need to check around their men and husbands and see which areas they can improve on,” she said.

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