COTU boss Francis Atwoli has been called to publicly apologize after insulting Ruto’s mother.

While addressing people, he said that when Ruto was born in 1966 he was a virile young man and he could be his father.

People around laughed including President Uhuru Kenyatta. This made an angry Ahmednasir to post;

“It has come down to this: that 80 years old Dimwit and class 4 drop out abuses DP RUTO’S 75 years plus mother and H.E UHURU laughs at the foul joke! Very SAD!”

Kenyans reacted by saying;

Who called who by name? Mr. Blogger?

UDA mnatusi watu na mkitusiwa mnacatch feelings

Ruto went for Atwoli ex-wife, Mzee Atwoli went for Ruto’s mother.. (FT: G-G) 🤓🤓

Politics & respect is like water & paraffin

Robert Birundu:
While in western tour, Ruto paraded Atwoli’s Ex-wife and called Atwoli all manner of names just to humiliate him. You never saw anything wrong but today’s remarks amounts to abuse of Ruto’s mother. Hypocrisy.

Atwoli must apologize , he doesn’t know who samoei meant to kalenjin Community.

The 1st time he has ever used ‘form’ and ‘four’ in reference to himself. What men don’t realize is that a show of opulence by use of gold chains and rings and bracelets is a show of lack of education.
Classic over compensation.

Ruto started it. He has been calling others names for the last 4yrs. Have ever complained? He called UHURU tapeli. His dog Sudi asked kwani Mama Ngina ako na matiti ngapi. He calls Raila all manner of Names. The other day he paraded Atwoli wife in his political rally.

President Uhuru Kenyatta was laughing when COTU SG Francis Atwoli was talking ill about DP Ruto and his mom, lakini when someone talks about Mama Ngina Kenyatta all hell breaks lose. Is that fair? Anyway, bora uhai.

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