Kenyan renowned business woman, Michelle Ntalami have left Kenyans talking a video of her twerking leaked on the internet.

Michelle Ntalami’s video had gone in various social media platforms. The business woman was spotted in a club in Westland, Nairobi where she was seen hanging out with her friends.

Michelle has been on the limelight ever since she public announced her breakup with former radio presenter, Makena.

According to a long post shared by Ntalami on her Instagram timeline the business woman decided to break up with the radio girl after she cheated on her.

Michelle revealed that she was truly heartbroken after the only person she trusted broke her heart. Well, just a few minutes ago Marini Natural CEO decided to blow some steam off.

Michelle went to a social club, Milan located at Westland Nairobi.

Ntalami posted a video of herself twerking to famous Doja cat song. Just right beside her was Njeri Nduati one of her closest friends

Michelle have left Kenyans wondering wife she has moved on as she was spotted acting cozy beside her female friend Njeri.

Check out the full video on her Instagram platform.

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