Miguna Miguna has decided to attack Martha Karua today.

Maybe it is because Martha Karua might soon work with Raila Odinga.

He took to Twitter to post;

“Three simple questions for Martha Karua:

  1. Can you explain to Kenyans why you brutalized Justice GBM Kariuki when you were Justice Minister?
  2. Can you tell us how you helped Kibaki rig the 2007 elections?
  3. Explain how you acquired the Goat Farm while minister for Water?”

Kenyans reacted by saying the following:

Eugene Aaron:
All this has come out because @MarthaKarua is in oka and OKA might join azimio.

Leonard Ondijo:
The other day while opposing BBI in court she was a heroine and these questions could not even feature in your brain but today after she has decided to take a stand towards developing this nation now the question are coming out.

Ronoh Collins:
You could have asked these very cretical questions long ago when the allegations just took place

Nick Ouma:
You’ve got something against everyone you don’t agree with or dislike. So Rao won in 2007?

Frank Orieko:
You forgot to ask Musalia Mudavadi questions or is he corrupt free?

Maurice Abondo:
Justice Kariuki ended their Relationship and Martha Karua used GSU Officers to incessantly harass him. In addition, she had KRA confiscate his Mercedes Benz that was imported under her Duty Exemption as Minister. These are documented in GoK Records.

1.Can you tell us why you swore in BABA as the people’s president? Yet earlier you had written and published books exposing the man?

Mose Juma:
These are pertinent questions that Karua should answer.@MarthaKarua has so many questions to answer on the well orchestrated electoral theft in 2007

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