Kivutha Kibwana seems to have resigned himself to fate that Kalonzo Musyoka is joining Azimio la Umoja.

The three Ukambani governors wanted to be the one’s to be associated with Raila Odinga. Even after pledging their loyalty to Raila Odinga, he kept pursuing Kalonzo Musyoka.

While he appreciates the support of Kivutha, Ngilu and Mutua, he knows it is only Kalonzo who can bring him the 2 million Ukambani votes.

On the eve of OKA joining Azimio, Kivutha took to Twitter to write:

As Chairperson of the South Eastern Economic Bloc (SEKEB), and my two governor colleagues & the Ukambani people, we welcome OKA into AZIMIO. The grand vision is genuine unity to save and prosper Kenya, not to share positions. Let the new entrants honour the Early AZIMIO Birds.

~Kivutha Kibwana

Kenyans quickly reacted by saying;

Ahmednasir Abdullahi:
Prof I just want know where the “three azimio early birds” will fly to when Hon @skmusyoka takes his place at the High table & relegates the three of you to the periphery. Knowing you too well, I know you are under no illusion that dealing with the trio is upmost in his DEMANDS!

Prof Ole Kiyiaipi:
Let the Kenyan people unite, it heralds a genuine intent to build a great Nation.

Reading this from you bwana gavana is a confirmation that indeed OKA is on it’s way to Azimio, the question is, when? When are they making their entry public, we need the Azimio train moving and nothing should pull us behind please.

AZIMIO must be defeated by all means. Azimio is an attempt by black supremacists to colonize Kenya. Won’t happen, Can’t happen.

Huyu ile chuki huwa nayo kwa kalonzo sielewangi.

Stephen Batti:
It is my wish that all these alliances and coalitions make a change to the ordinary Kenyan that votes OKA/ AZIMIO/URP or whatever. The uneducated and underserved need assurance of food. Politicians PREY ON THE HUNGRY.

You kept telling us the same about the BBI snake but the courts proved that you knew nothing about the whole snake. You’re now telling us to dance to a tune whose caller is malicious. Am not boarding!

Even if Raila is not on the ballot it’s obvious OKA can’t match Arap Mashamba.He has bought everyone including Mudavadi. We welcome them to the winning team.Azimio.

Three times the community voting for the same man, whom in return looks back and disdainful calls us watu wa kubweka-bweka…I beg, Wathi umwe ndutusya ngitaa kituo

Dansi twisungila kungi..

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