If she would have known her post would quickly go south perhaps she could not have posted it.

She thought she would get some support from Kenyans but mostly ridiculed her.

This are some of the responses to Fatuma Gedi’s post that William Ruto had abandoned Mt Kenya;

Tom Ipomai:
Mt Kenya sent vifaranga to negotiate with UDA grandies. Little power got into their heads and they sold & hurled insults at elders. Now they either retreat and form into a party to negotiate or they will forever hold the short end of the stick.

Vitalis Omboyi:
Your people are dying of Hunger. Drought is ravaging the entire NEP region and terrorist are attacking your residents on a daily basis but you want to negotiate for Kikuyus who are doing much better than poor Somalis you represent. This is what people get for electing idiots.

Zaina Eve:
This mazimu and mizimu don’t know how it works, do you think Kenya kwanza is azimio, where junet and the whole battalion of kibra youth are always on frontline,overshadowing the indegious people on the ground? Enda Kwa wenyewe, wacha watawake , usije tawala

When did you become a mountanian or our spokeswoman? Pilipili usioila yakuwashia nini dada!!! Shugulika na kwenyu

Karanja Jose:
Mind about ass mio la matapeli or else change your name to Waitherero for you to speak on behalf of Mt. Kenya.

Uhuru government has burnt merchandise in nyamakima,demolished people’s homes in Kariobangi and other places, teatgassed people, borrowed alot and lost alot of Money. Now we are told Raila is the best person to carry on Uhuru’s work.😳☹

Hospitals in Mt Kenya region have more and meaningful drugs as compared to your remote villages
We don’t depend on relief food unlike your people
We use latrines not bush

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