Governor Alfred Mutua has found himself being attacked by Kenyans after he made a post.

In the post he wrote:

“Tomorrow, I’d like to share with you why, with your support, I would want to serve as President of Kenya. Let’s meet up tomorrow, Saturday, 5th Feb 2022 from 2:30pm here on Facebook live and let’s talk!”

Kenyans quickly descended on him by saying;

What’s wrong with you? 3 weeks ago you and the other 2 Ukambani Governors declared your support for Raila, una mhepa tena?

Paul Cyrus:
kusema kuchanganyikiwa….the other day u endorsed Rao now u want to be prezzo

Omari Harrison:
Even though all dreams are valid, sometimes one has to be realistic on the overall validity of those respective dreams!!!! Instead of wasting your valuable time & acres of airtime, please throw your weight behind AZIMIO thereafter maybe&just maybe, you’ll be considered for a job!

Coloh Kemoi:
Wewe tangu Lilian akuache hujawai recover.

The last time you endorsed the azimio conman.

I know you can’t solve ALL our problems but you’ll certainly do a better job than the current crop of leaders we have at the helm. With time many kenyans will see the potential you have as a good leader.

Tom Goko:
Lobby for machakos senator. Don’t waste valuable time & resources on the presidential candidature. Be guided accordingly.

Dennis Wambui:
You are confusing Alfred.. The other day you with that old woman of kitui County and kibwana were with tinga vile mtamuuza ukambani

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