When Musalia Mudavadi joined William Ruto, Edwin Sifuna said something profound.

He told Ruto that he had invited trouble to his political bus. He said Musalia is someone who will always be trying to disrupt every agenda.

A few days later, Junet Mohammed echoes same sentiments. He said that although ODM was looking for partners, he was not sad to see Musalia go.

He said that Musalia Mudavadi thrives in politics of blackmail. Everyday he brings new conditions that should be met otherwise he storms out.

At the time, many Kenyans thought the two leaders were sore losers. They thought it was bitterness emanating from Mudavadi choosing to work with Ruto instead of Raila.

It emerges they might have been right after all.

Musalia Mudavadi has said that it is not a must that Ruto becomes the flag bearer of Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

He said he can also become the president and Ruto support him.

Ruto has been campaigning for three years. Musalia wants Ruto to throw that away and support him instead.

Few months to come, Ruto may realize he was the one injured by the earthquake in Bomas

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