ANC is one of the most popular political parties in Kakamega. Actually that’s the only place in Kenya were the party is popular.

Cleophas Malala has set his eyes on the gubernatorial seat. The seat will be vacant August this year. Wycliffe Oparanya who is the incumbent is not allowed to vie again as has served the maximum two terms.

Malala’s fierce competition was coming from the bullfighter Boni Khalwale. Khalwale served as Kakamega Senator for only one term before deciding to vie for governor. The same thing that Malala is doing.

Mumias East MP Benjamin Washiali has revealed how seats in Kakamega will be shared.

Refuting earlier published power sharing schemes, Washiali said that Kakamega gubernatorial seat was reserves for Boni Khalwale. He said as consolation, ANC would be given a free pass at the senatorial seat.

It is funny considering it is Malala who made the coalition happen. Even when Musalia said Ruto was a thief and they could not work together, Malala kept entertaining UDA.

In Bomas, you could see how Malala was in charge of the event and wanted to be given all the accolades for bringing Ruto and Musalia together.

Malala knew he could not be given gubernatorial candidature should ANC join Azimio la Umoja. He then risked all his money and gambled on UDA. He forgot one important detail, Khalwale is a founding member of UDA.

Sad times for Malala. Head he loses, tails he does not win.

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