It seems Boni Khalwale has fallen through some hard times. The former MP and senator is now accused of surviving on handouts from Sugoi.

The belief was further reinforced when he took a picture of his office. It looked bare. Just one chair and his phone.

This is how Kenyans reacted:

Sydney: Make your office better , you can’t only have newspapers .

Plus you need a laptop 💻 , I can assist you get one 🕐

Ja Kagan: Ofisi inakaa ya Conman, hakuna cabinet ama files. Just newspaper, chairs na desk

Samdomigo: Hahahaha..what kind of office is that seriously mheshimiwa?

Shemaiah: No pen
No fan
No inbox/outbox
No laptop or PC
No pen…. Huwezi hata piga mtu kalamu.
Daktari, this is not an office. If this is the reason as to why you at inclined to UDA, then we allow you.

More bulls, More stones. Secure the bag.

Charles Mwangi : Enyewe you really need that brown envelope from sugoi your office looks like shida two terms in the Cold is not a joke

Vinny Radak: Daktari, this office of yours looks like a briefcase one like those conmen luring innocent Kenyans for jobs abroad, UDA should accord you more funds to facilitate you to have a legit office

Hii hapana

Muriithi: A once National politician now he is pretending to have a non-existenting office kenya ni nchi ya maajabu .All those years in politics you can’t afford a good well equipped office?

Ja Loka: Unashindwa mbona nyumba zimejaa kumbe ni election time kila politician ako na ofisi kwa bedsitter… politicians will disappoint you even in their death

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