Kenyans men has been left in a state of admiration after a young actress named Dorea Chege revealed that she is planning on vying for Nairobi women representative position. After posting her pictures on social media, the media personality caught everyone’s attention.

Dorea Chege just a few minutes ago shared her interest to the public. The famous actress used to act as Maggie in a popular show which was being aired at Citizen 7:30pm Maria. Currently, Dorea was acting as Tess of Uriru Was Wendo, Inooro tv.

In addition to being an actress, Dorea is known to an influencer, YouTuber, Business women and a commercial model. Chege has publicly announced her interest in politics following the post that she shared on her social media platforms.

The influencer stated in the post that she is planning on bringing change to the public. She claimed that once she gets elected nothing will deter her from making change that the public needs.

The actress’s interest however caused controversy on social media as netizens reacted on the same. Majority of Kenyans urged Dorea to just stick to her other activities as they did not see the need of her joining politics. However, others positively supported the aspiring politician by sending her inspiring words on her platforms.

Currently, Chege have a number of opponents. The well known being: Esther Passaris who is working on retaining her seat, the former Nairobi Diaries reality TV star Ali Iptisam Zeid, nominated Senator Millicent Omanga, Sylvia Mulama.

Ali Iptisam Zeid recently also announced her interest in politics by confidently stating her manifestos.

“I don’t think I need any special skills to be a representative for any government. I am a Kenyan, this is my country, I have the guts and will to take on any challenge in this life, and in this country.

At my young age am not scared or shaken to announce that am ready to represent my fellow Hustlers, wasee tu hustle tusichoke. Hustlers TUSICHOKE,” 

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